Through my reading journey, I’ve established Fantasy as my favourite genre, due to it’s way to transport you to new places and new worlds. I love reading Fantasy books above all else, and they will always be the book I reach for in a bookstore, or on my bookshelf. Due to this, I believe that I can recommend some great Fantasy books! Let the recommendations, begin!

an ENCHANTMENT of ravens – MARGARET rogerson ✨

This book was high on my TBR, and then I read it for a bookclub and I fell in love. This book follows Isobel, who paints human sorrow on an all-strong Fae Prince. This enrages him, and he sweeps her away to the dangerous yet alluring Fae world, where Isobel has to fight, to stay alive. This book was written beautifully. Find it on Amazon.

The cruel prince – holly black ✨

Another bookclub pick, this book was so much fun. It follows Jude, and her sisters, as their lives get turned upside down by a Fae general, and he takes them, and raises them in the human-hating Fae world. I loved that this was a Fae story, set in both Urban, and High Fantasy settings. This is a book that only gets better the more you read it. I would highly recommend this whole series, as it only gets better! Find it on Amazon.

Truthwitch – susan dennard ✨

I read this book late January and I fell in love with Susan Dennard’s way with words, and her ability to create worlds. You can see how much this world was thought out, everything seemed real (as real as it can in High Fantasy). The thing I loved most about this book, is its focus on the friendship relationships, not the Romantic ones. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. Find it on Amazon.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo ✨

If you had to crown a book, the king of YA Fantasy – this would be it. This book follows, six characters as they try to perform the biggest heist, ever. This book was fast-paced, witty and really funny at some points. The characters, even though ‘evil’ – were so lovable. Even though, this book wasn’t my favourite I know, most of you will fall in love with this it. Find it on Amazon.

A Court of Thorns and roses – sarah j maas ✨

How Fitting that the last book, is the book that got me into all this mess. (I’m kidding of course!) This story follows Feyre as she kills a Fae, and know must pay with her heart. This is a story based on romance, and it has tidbits on mystery woven into it. This book is part of my favourite series of all time. Another series I would highly recommend finishing, as it only gets better. Find it on Amazon.

thank you all for reading, i hope you enjoyed the list, and I hope some of these have made it to your TBR. have you guys read any of these? if so, what did you think? let me know down in the comments! thanks, again – nick.


  1. What good taste! I’ve got all these, apart from Truthwitch. I loved The Cruel Prince and A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’m loving the Throne of Glass series. The other two are in my TBR.

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    1. Thank you! ♥️ I would highly recommend Truthwitch – it’s not a long series (each book being about 400 pages long) – I’m happy you enjoyed those, and I hope you keep enjoying Thorne of Glass. Love your name btw! 😄


  2. These are definitely awesome books! I still need to read Truthwitch but I loved SoC so much and don’t even get me started on Jude and Cardan! They are brilliant! Loved this post! 💛

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