Three Dark Crowns – Review

Three Dark Crowns is a dark, gritty, YA Fantasy story following three sisters, who all yearn for the crown. Separated at a young age, and thought to hate each other, these triplet sisters have to out wit each other to secure the crown. Who will win, the Element, a queen with immense power? The Naturalist, who’s gift has not shown itself? Or the Poisoner queen, who is young but has an army behind her back?


On Sunday night, I finished Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. This book blew me away in many ways. The beginning chapter was intense and extremely heart wrenching. You have an exception when going into this book, thinking: “oh, these queens are all powerful” – but we learn these queens are prisoners to the house that foster them: The Arrons, The Westwoods and The Milones. These powerful, houses in different parts of the world foster the queen until the come of age. (sixteen) This was really new to me, as most of the YA I read, the main characters are unbeatable, and over-confident, while these Queens were raw, and they were people – making them much more likeable characters, than most YA heroines are. Blake’s portrayal of these women was done excellently.


Throughout this book, we see the queens hatred towards each other, this was also a very well done dynamic, as it was talking about sibling killing sibling and Blake executed it perfectly.


Even though, there were many points of this book that I loved, the romance was not one of them. I felt like the book would have been the same, if not better without the romance. It felt really rushed and un-needed. By the end, the romance got a bit better, but in my opinion, it was still not needed.


Overall, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I would highly recommend it.

You can get it on Amazon (US) – Amazon (UK) – Book Depository.

thank you all for reading my first review on here. i’m happy that the first review is a happy one. i can’t wait to review more book in the near future. thanks, again – nick

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