One Dark Throne – Book Review

Some of you may have been keeping up with my Bookstagram where I obsess over this series, and have seen that I finished this a few weeks ago. I loved this book so much, for me, it was so much better than the first book. In no way was the first book bad, but this one just brought so much more to the table through world-building, character development and prose.

If you have not read the first book Three Dark Crowns, this will contain spoilers for that, but not for One Dark Throne. I have a non-spoiler review for Three Dark Crowns here!

First Thoughts ✨

The first chapter of this book was very strong, I thought it introduced the book well, it thrust you right back into Fennibern and it’s inhabitants’ lives. I sensed a dark, gritty feel, much like the one in Three Dark Crowns, thankfully this feel continued throughout the book.

Story 📚

I think the whole ascension year story was executed quite well. Katharine was of course my favourite throughout due to the moves she made. This book continued with the almost Hunger Games theme, which was how the last book left off. I enjoyed seeing which sister would out-smart the other.

Characters 👧

For the most part, the characters and where they ranked on the likeness-scale stayed the same for me, but boy did Kendare develop them amazingly! I felt like the new-eerie Katharine was done so well, Arsinoe’s new status as a poisoner was also developed so well – we see her trying to fit into these new shoes, while also trying to keep the Naturalist part of her intact. Mirabella for me was still quite boring. I felt the decisions she made this book were sparatic and not needed. She was internally a weak character, and mentally the weakest sister. I felt the side-characters weren’t as pronounced, as we were so involved with the Queens’ journeys. So, I really have no thoughts about them.

Last Thoughts 💭

The latter section of the book was my favourite. I loved what happened between the sisters, and anyone who’s read the book knows what I’m talking about. Throughout this period, Arsinoe became my favourite character as her story really developed and fleshed out. Mirabella has been slightly elevated, but is still pretty low on the list. I can’t wait to see how Two Dark Reigns unfolds.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

i hope you guys enjoyed this review, i do plan to review the rest of this series. expect a two dark reigns review soonish, and a five dark fates one when the book comes out. thanks for reading – nick.

7 thoughts on “One Dark Throne – Book Review

  1. I was very interested in «Three Dark Crown» when it first came out, but eventually, other books caught my attention and I didn’t pick it up. Everyone seems to love this series, so I think it needs to go higher on my TBR list. 🙂

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  2. I wanted to read it for a year and when I did i loved it! It’s quite short, so if you’re ever in the mood for some High Fantasy, I highly recommend! ☺️


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