The Most Over-Hyped YA Books

On the tenth of July, I tweeted asking what you thought were the most overhyped YA books, and I got a lot of responses.

Firstly, before I begin, I want to thank everyone who responded and shared that tweet. It was really fun and great to see everyone’s different opinions on popular books. There are a lot of loved series on this post, so if you’re sensitive with people disliking your favourite books, this post isn’t for you. At the end of the day, this is a fun experiment to see what books people think are over-hyped.

So, without further ado, here are the most over-hyped YA books, according to you.

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

This wasn’t a book I was expecting to see in the replies, as I thought people found no fault in this series, but I guess my sources were wrong as this was the most up-voted reply on the tweet. I found that people mainly hate the relationship, as that was the biggest red-flag for people not wanting to read the series. I personally have never read Shatter Me, but I plan to as it seems to be a book that I would enjoy. I was interested to see that a series I thought was so well loved by the whole bookish community, being dragged through the gutter.

13 people agreed this series is over-hyped

Throne of Glass/ACOTAR – Sarah J Maas

This was painful for me to see as I adore anything Sarah writes, but while drafting the tweet, I definitely knew that these series where going to pop up a lot. Overall, people think ACOTAR is too over-hyped, with only a few responses saying Throne of Glass. I found that particularly interesting as I assumed people disliked Throne of Glass more, but alas I was wrong.

Many people said anything Sarah J Maas is over-hyped, so I think this goes more to the Author being over-hyped, then per se their series.

25 people agreed these series were overhyped.

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

I was so surprised to see this name pop up in the replies, as I thought Leigh Bardugo was just one of those authors that everyone loved, but you guys proved me wrong! I saw Shadow and Bone pop up a lot, and I can see why people think this series is over-hyped but I honestly enjoyed this more than Six of Crows. I know, I know unpopular opinion, but I think this series is so unique and the magic system is great, but many of you disagreed!

10 people thought this series was over hyped.

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

When posting the infamous tweet, I knew this series would pop up. Everyone loves to hate on this series, and I kind of see why. I read the first book, and I can’t remember the protagonist’s name… I still want to give this series another shot as I think it’s and easy read if I’m ever in a slump. I feel like a big part of why this series is disliked is due to it’s content (obviously), but more specifically, it’s lack of original content – it just seems like this is the book of all YA books. It’s a mash-up of everything we’ve already seen and I feel like people are quite bored, which I don’t blame them for being.

15 people agreed this series was overrated.

and so, here it was – the most over-hyped YA books according to you guys. i’ve noticed a trend that most people think YA fantasy is over-hyped, which I guess, I was expecting as fantasy is the most popular genre in YA. i hope you all enjoyed reading this, and i loved involving you guys in the blog post and i can’t wait to do so again. thanks for reading – nick

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