Series I Need To Finish

Hello everyone! I Hope you’re all well!

I’m back after a three day break, to re-avaluate my blog. I love this new look and I’m happy I found a theme that suits me and my preferred style. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Today, while starting at my bookshelves (as I so often do), I realised I have a habit of never fully finishing a series, this may be due to me not owning the full series or just being stubborn and not finishing them. This month I decided to buy all the books I need to complete series, so I wouldn’t have an excuse to not finish them. These aren’t series I didn’t like, most of them are four or five star reads. I have no idea why I didn’t finish them – but by the end of the year, I’m determined to have them all done and dusted.

So, without further ado, here are the series I need to finish:

The Red Queen Series – Victoria Aveyard

I listened to Red Queen on audio back in April and even though I’ve had the whole series ever since, I just haven’t gotten to it. To be completely honest, I can’t remember anything that happened in Red Queen, So I’d have to re-read the first book to actually, properly understand the series. I gave the first book four stars, which I think I bumped down to three over the last couple of months because I can’t justify a four star rating to a book I can’t remember anything about. I have the rest of the books except Broken Throne, but I don’t even think that that is part of the main series – so I have no excuse to not finish this series. Also, the covers are BEAUTIFUL!

The Witchlands Series – Susan Dennard

I loved Truthwitch when I read it back in FEBRUARY! I’m so far behind, it’s so annoying! I feel like, when I pull my act together and finish this series, it’ll become a favourite instantly. The first book encompassed everything I love about Fantasy. It had romance, friendship and an amazing magic system. When someone asks for a Fantasy recommendation, this is the first book I give to them, so it’d be a good idea if I read the whole series also!

I recently bought Bloodwitch and Sightwitch, so now I have no excuse for not finishing the series – and I plan to read these in October!

The Caraval Series – Stephanie Garber

Caraval was a book-club book that I read and fell in love with. Honestly, one of my favourite books of this year. The reason I didn’t continue these instantly was because I didn’t have Legendary, so I started Twilight and now I’m obsessed with it – so I can’t not finish the Twilight saga…..

Legendary is so high on my TBR list because of Caraval’s ending – like I need to read it immediately! Also, the American covers are so beautiful that it would be a crime to leave them un-read.

What are series that you can’t wait to finish or even start?

Thanks for Reading Nick

6 thoughts on “Series I Need To Finish

  1. I need to finish the Darien Empire of Salt books, loved the first but the second had such mixed reviews I didn’t read it. However, the last one has great reviews so I may have to give them a go

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  2. I’ve been working on my post for the series I need to finish for months now! And guess what, the number of unfinished series didn’t decrease!!! For some reason, I read the first two books in trilogies and then never read the final book. I’m not sure what my problem is… 😀

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