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Hello everyone! I hope you’re well!

I was searching for blog ideas last week and I came across this book tag and it intrigued me instantly! It focuses on the problems of being a bookworm – which, as we all know, there are many.

I try to space out my tags as I post blog posts – let me know if you enjoy that format.

So, without further ado, here are my Book Reader Problems.

You Have 20,000 Books on Your TBR, how do you decide what to read next?

I, myself, am very much of a mood reader. I used to make TBRs but I never really stuck to them. Sometimes, for readathons, it’s really nice to have a list to go off, but most of the time I want to read something different then what’s on the list.

I read a lot of Fantasy, and therefore, most of my TBR list is Fantasy. This prohibits me from reading contemporary or any other genre that might interest me. I also always feel guilty if I didn’t read everything I set out to. Which really sucks – so, to answer the question, I decide according to my mood.

You’re Half Way Through A Book & You Don’t Enjoy It, Do You Put It Down?

Yes, yes and yes. I’m a big believer of DNFing (Not finishing) a book if you’re not enjoying it! I don’t get the point of pushing yourself, hoping you’d enjoy it – or feeling guilty about not finishing it.

I have to say, I have continued many books that I wasn’t enjoying at the start (this happens often with fantasy) and I ended up enjoying them – but I’ve also stopped reading books I wasn’t enjoying and that was great because I got to move onto books that I loved from start to finish.

I believe that DNFing shouldn’t be a taboo thing, many of us do it and it’s hundred percent ok!

It’s the End of the Year, & You Haven’t Finished Your Reading Challenge, Do You Try to Catch Up?

To be honest, this is the first year I’ve set a Goodreads goal, and I’ve already surpassed it. So, this question doesn’t really apply to me.

Let’s take it hypothetically, though – I would try to finish the challenge as I’m super competitive and I like to finish things I start!

The Covers of A Series Don’t Match, How Do You Cope?

Ha ha ha, this is my worst nightmare. I’m very, very particular about the look of my shelves and the books on my shelves.

If the covers of a series don’t match, you’ll find me online trying to buy the same covers – otherwise I would go crazy. The bane of my existence are cover changes – as that means I have to buy the books again as I can’t have old covers or miss-matching covers.

Everyone and Their Mother Loves a Book, and You Didn’t, Who Do You Share Your Feelings With?

I shout it from the rooftops. Books are subjective and we’re all allowed to have differing opinions on them. I post about the popular books I don’t enjoy on Instagram, and more than likely someone also didn’t enjoy the said book and we’ll bond over that.

I’m not the type of person to love a book, or pretend to love a book because it’s popular. I stick to my initial opinions of the book.

You’re Reading a Book In Public & You’re About To Start Crying. How Do You Deal?

I don’t normally read in public, as I don’t normally leave my house…..

But in all seriousness, this is extremely un-likley to happen to me because I don’t get emotionally about books nor do I read in public all that often. If it did happen, I would probably stop reading and finish at home.

This is a bit of a shortened version of the tag, because I think the original if far too long! If you want all the questions, click here!

Thanks For Reading – Nick

7 thoughts on “Book Reader Problems Tag

  1. I agree with just giving your opinions on books, whether others agree or not. It always surprises me when I hear people say that when they first started out they pretended to like books they actually hated because they were afraid to admit it! I’ve always been really honest, although I do try to be nice about it lol.

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  2. I never stick to my TBRs either 😀 Just this month, I made a very pretty TBR for the NEWTs and only read 1 book from that list so far… *facepalm*

    Uhh, the last question. I usually just cry in public. I mean… I’m reading, can’t they understand that it’s very sad and emotional?! 😀

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