Reading Wrap Up – August

Hello everyone! I’m been quite MIA over on here and I’m sorry for that.

Life just got in the way and I had no motivation for writing – or creating any sort of content except photography. I’ve spent most of this time away on my Instagram, if you want to keep up to date with news of me – please check it out as it’s my main social media.

I’m super pumped to be back and to be writing. I have many reviews coming, so keep your eyes out.

For now, here is my August Wrap Up:

Again, but Better – Christine Riccio

One of my rare contemporary reads was so good.

I loved this debut novel from one of my favorite booktubers (polandbananasbooks) . I’ve wanted to read Again, but Better for a while so I was happy when it was a book club pick!

Find my review here!

Rating: 5 stars

New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

New Moon put a real stint in my reading for this month. It dragged on forever and it was so boring.

We followed Bella as she moped over Edward for the whole book. I stopped reading the series at Eclipse as I just couldn’t continue.

Rating: 3 stars

Aurora Rising – Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

This book was my everything. I loved it so dearly.

It instantly became one of my favorite reads of the year which really surprised me as I don’t normally like Sci-Fi.

Kaufman and Kristoff really wrote a masterpiece with this one.

The characters were phenomenal and really meshed with the story.

I have a full blog review here!

Rating: 5 stars

Thank you for reading and I promise more is coming from me!

How many books did you read in August?


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