Guide to Bookish Terms

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well!

When I joined the bookish community late last year, I was so confused with the constant terms that were thrown around. So, today I decided to make a list of commonly used terms throughout the bookish world in the hopes it’ll help someone just joining or a veteran (because there’s still terms today that I find myself going what at.)

So, without further ado, here is a guide to bookish terms!

TBR – To Be Read

Oh, this was what I heard most when I joined. Everyone kept complaining about their massive TBR piles (I’m now one of those people also) and it basically means the books you own or want to own and want to read. I envy people who’s TBR piles are small, because my one extended 100+ books……

ARC – Advanced Reader Copy

ARCs are highly sought after in the bookish community and everyone wants an ARC of that new release. ARCs of sometimes proofs are early copies of books that are sent out from publisher to authors, reviewers and booksellers to build hype for the upcoming novel.

DNF – Did Not Finish

When a book just isn’t good and you put it down with no intention of picking it back up – that’s what we, in the bookish community call a DNF! All of have probably DNFed a book at some point, and it shouldn’t be a taboo thing, you don’t have to push yourself to finish something you’re not enjoying.

OTP – One True Pairing

Who’s your OTP? An OTP is normally a couple in a book that you would die for. Many people over on Twitter rave over their OTPs and a lot of arguments happen over who’s best for who. Example, Team Jacob or Team Edward.


We all dread seeing Tomes on our TBR piles! A Tome basically describes books with over 500 pages. It’s those brick books we all mean to conquer one day but are too scared to do now.

I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something from this post!

Thanks for reading – Nick.

7 thoughts on “Guide to Bookish Terms

  1. This is great! I also need a breakdown of genres/story element lingo because I get so confused with certain things like “soft magic system” etc. There’s so much to try to remember! Haha.

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