The Wicther – Review of Episode 1

review of the witcher episode one review of the witcher the witcher

I’ve been waiting for this series ever since It was announced, so I’m beyond happy to be sitting here and writing this post today.

My review shall come from a person who hasn’t read the books nor played the games. I just happen to be a fantasy TV fan, and this show’s trailer definitely ticked all boxes for me.

Before I start, I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, but beware – people see different things as spoilers.

So without further ado, here’s my review of episode one of the Witcher.

The start of this series instantly showed people it’s atmosphere and vibe. I think it was brilliantly done in the way of – this will happen a lot on the show, get ready. It opens with Gearlt slaying a beast, who’s CGI, I thought wasn’t the best, but I normally hate all monsters’ CGI no matter the quality.

We are then lead through a small village and when the Witcher enters a tavern/pub we are instantly told of the people’s dislike of him. People seem to fear the Witcher and want nothing to do with beings. This scene also shows us that Gearlt survives by taking monster-killing jobs. He earns money that way.

I liked that throughout this episode, we are not bombarded with huge amounts of characters, this let me adjust to this world and soak in more of it’s world-building. I particularly enjoyed that because in most fantasy series, you’re constantly getting names thrown in your face and it gets a little discombobulating.

Through this episode, we are also introduced to Ciralla/Ciri. In the video game she’s depicted quite differently, but to remind you: this show is based of the books, not the Game (The Wicther 3). She’s a princess, so it’s quite a different setting than the pub and town life of Gearlt. The costumes were spectacular and the castle itself was beautiful. The characters in the palace were also unique and interesting.

All in all, I think this episode is a great start to what is sure to become and explosive series. If you’re in a pit of despair after Game of Thrones, or you just need a good show to watch – I recommend this one.

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