The Witcher – Review of Episode 2

the witches the witches episode 2 review the witcher review

Hey everyone! I’m back with more Witcher reviews, i just can’t get over this show! If you missed my review of the first episode here it is: The Witcher – Review of Episode 1.

I kept that review pretty spoiler free, but I think for me to be able to fully relay my thoughts I might need to go into a bit more detail, so, read at your own risk!

Ah, I loved episode 2 so much! It’s definitely in my top three of this season. In this episode we meet the infamous Yennefer! I loved Anya Chalotra’s performance in this role. We meet Yennefer in an not so ideal situation. We are lead to understand that she’s been bullied her whole life because of her hunchback and jaw abnormality. (the first scene we meet her in, she’s getting called names and harassed.) We are then introduced to her magical ability – it’s our first clue into what Yennefer will become.

Gearlt on the other hand meets the most beloved character of all Jaskier the bard. (Dandelion) I think in this episode we see the pattern of Gearlt almost being on a quest story line. He’s going from one check point to the next, killing monsters and meeting side characters. I think because this episode was so highly focused on Yen’s story, (which I loved) we didn’t really see much of Gearlt. I one thing we do learn is that the elves are very much despised by humans and vice versa. There’s a war going on! This then links in with Ciri’s story line.

I didn’t really care much for Ciri in this episode. She is currently just expanding the world. She’s very much the world builder. Due to her meeting new people and everything being new to her, she’s really showing of this beautiful world. The places the shot in were amazing. I enjoy the part of Ciri’s story where we see a little more of her, which sadly in this episode we didn’t. We do learn however that her Grandma is quite hated, and this was a shock to Ciri as she’s admired and held her Grandmother on a pedestal her whole life.

Overall, this episode was phenomenal! I loved Yennefer’s introduction and her character journey start was amazing.

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