The Witcher – Review of Episode 3

the witcher the witches episode 3 review episode 3 review

Hey everyone! I hope you have been enjoying these reviews of mine! I’ve loved writing them! Today we are delving into the third episode of The Witcher. A show you all know I love too much. If you’ve missed my other reviews of the other 2 episodes you can find episode one here and episode two here.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts:
beware, there might be light spoilers.

This episode starts off far differently than the past two we’ve seen. We find Gearlt in a cat house when he receives some news of a monster than has slain a Witcher. He’s called upon to help with this monster problem and he, is highly intrigued on what this monster is – so he agrees. I love that we go to see that there are other Witcher’s in this world and that they can be killed, they’re not immortal. I can’t wait to see if there are more Witcher suckling about.

Moving onto to Yennefer, she’s also showed in a, let’s say non-formal position. We see that romance has brewed between Yennefer and a certain wizard. We also see that all the mages that graduate from Areteria, must go over a transformation. Meaning they have to alter them shelves. I liked this side of Yennefer, because we saw her in love and I think this is the first we’ve seen of her liking her own body.

I liked that this episode also showed a meeting of the mages. We saw that they actually sit behind the politics of this world. They’re the ones pulling the strings through their monarchs. We also got to meet Triss. She’s another mage who helps Gearlt with his monster hunting in this episode.

Moving on to a bit later through the episode. Gearlt’s fight with this monster was so epic. This was really the first monster we saw Gearlt struggle with. The CGI was done so well and I liked to see Gearlt use the magic he has at his disposal.

We see Yennefer give up something so special to get the body she deems appropriate. We also see her breaking the rules, she goes against her orders and does what she wants. She was very badass in this episode.

Lastly, we only see Ciri briefly at the end of this episode, but I’m excited to see where her story leads!

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