The Witcher – Review of Episode 4

the witcher the witches episode 4 review

Hello everyone! We’re officially half way through my review of the Witcher TV Show! You can find episode 1, 2 and 3 by clicking on the numbers. To preface, I haven’t read the books nor played the games!

So, here’s my review of Episode 4:

This episode starts off much like episode 3 does. Gearlt is slaying a monster – and the bard is singing about him. All the best things about the Witcher if you ask me. We also finally get to see Ciri again. She’s in a magical and mystical forest full of Amazonian esc warriors. I loved seeing the bard and Gearlt interact – they have such a great and funny relationship. When seeing Ciri you’re a little confused as she really wasn’t shown in episode 3 – but I was instantly intrigued to see more of this forest she stepped into.

Moving on to Yennefer. We finally see Yen in her element. She’s be assigned to a kingdom and is complaining about how boring and mundane it is. We also meet an assassin and we see how Yennefer uses magic to protect the lady she is with. Firstly, Yennefer’s costumes are the best I’ve ever seen in any fantasy setting. Secondly I loved how pretty the magic CGI was. The portals to the other worlds were so cool. Especially the desert. I was a little disappointed with the lack of fire power Yennefer displayed in this episode, but I’m sure that is to come.

We also get to see more of the stories interlinking with Gearlt visiting Ciri’s grandmother and seeing Ciri’s mother for the first time. I loved the way the timelines are done in this show.

I think that raps up my thoughts on episode four. Though this episode was amazing I think it was very much a building episode. It was more information packed and it wanted to show us more of the world than anything.

Look out for the review of episode five coming soon!


6 thoughts on “The Witcher – Review of Episode 4

  1. This episode was when I knew I was going to listen to all the books. I listened to The Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny, which are Season 1, plus other stories and have begun Blood of Elves. Peter Kenny is fantastic as narrator. My son is a gamer and was impressed by the Netflix series. Great review of the episodes.

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