The Witcher – Review of Episode 5

the witcher the witches episode 5 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Netflix’s the Witcher. Today I’ll be discussing episode five in particular but you can see my thoughts on episodes, 1, 2, 3 and 4 by clicking on their respective numbers.

I’ve absolutely loved reviewing these episodes as this is one of my favourite shows of all time now!

So, here are my thoughts on episode five!

Let’s just start of by saying that episode five was a WHIRLWIND. It was so chalk-full of magic and weird scene that I don’t think it really tied in with the rest of the show so far. It felt very funky, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

We start this episode meeting a new magical creature called a Doppler. This creature can change their appearance at will – so pretty much a shape shifter. We later see how this creature plays into Ciri’s story. I enjoyed that we met a new magical creature and that we saw more of the Antagonists plans.

Moving onto to Yennefer. We see Yen working as an apothecary of sorts. She obviously is extremely nonchalant and is portrayed beautifully. I loved Anya Chalotra’s performance in this episode. Yennefer gets to meet with her old mentor and we see how distant she is with her. She really has come to despise that school and what it stands for.

Gearlt is shown again with Jaskier the Bard. We see him trying to get a hold of the Gin or Genie to cure his insomnia and somehow the Bard gets an extremely swollen throat and Gearlt has to rush him to the nearest physician. We really see that Gearlt does in fact care for Jaskier in this episode even though he does put up a stone front. The moment has finally come were Yennefer and Gearlt have met. That scene in the bathing room is my favourite TV scene ever. I loved all of Gearlt’s parts in this episode. I liked seeing his and the Bard’s relationship evolve and the cherry on top was him meeting Yen.

I found Ciri’s story line in this episode quite boring. It wasn’t really that as much as the other two’s story lines were just far more interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this review and watch out for episode 6!

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