The Witcher – Review of Episode 6

the witcher the witches episode 6 review

Episode 6 of The Witcher has definitely stolen the show for me. This episode brought with it everything I love about fantasy. If you want to know why, read on.

We’re come near the end of my reviews of the Witcher and I have to say, it’s been so much fun writing these and discussing these episode with you guys. If you want to read my thoughts on other episodes click the respective numbers.

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So, let us get into why this was my favourite episode of the season:

This episode really encompassed everything I loved and adore about this show and fantasy in general. We got to see a group on an adventure to hunt a dragon. We saw romance and friendship, we also met quite a few interesting people.

Starting with Gearlt and Yennefer. Quite early on in the episode, they’re thrust into a situation where they have to work together. It’s also implied that they’ve seen each other quite a lot since we last saw them in episode 5. Their chemistry is played so well by Anya and Henry. Their scenes together were pure gold.

Ciri we see, is still struggling, but she’s also getting fooled by the Doppler. She thinks she’s finally safe and going to meet Gearlt. I honestly didn’t care for Ciri in this episode again. Her story line just really isn’t as exciting as Yen and Gearlt’s is.

The fight scenes in this episode, especially the one with Gearlt and Yennefer were so well done. I loved seeing them fight together and use magic cohesively.

By the end, we see more of the antagonists plans and their want to find and capture Ciri, but their is still an air of mystery around them.

That concludes episode six, what did you think of it? Let me know.

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