The Wicther – Review of Episode 7

the witcher the witches episode 7 review

Netflix’s the Witcher really brought in amazing story telling in episode 7 of the show. These last few episode have a lot to show, and I’m excited to talk about them. Read on to hear my thoughts.

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It’s so clear that we’re getting so close to having the timelines meet and co-inside. It’s so interesting to see the scenes we saw throughout episode 1 again, but through Gearlt’s eyes. Gearlt is back in Cintra to come and collect Ciri as she is his Child of Surprise and he’s come to protect her.

Yennefer and Gearlt are not on speaking terms anymore, as of what happened in the last episode – so Yennefer travels back to see Istrid. Her lover from episode 2/3. We see how desperate she is not to be alone and it was so devastating to see Yennefer act this was. She then called back to an epic meeting of all the mages in the land.

I feel like Ciri’s story is finally picking up steam and she’s taking control of the situation she’s been put in. I liked Ciri in this episode. She was strong and resilient.

This episode, much like episode 4 did a lot of world building and setting up for the season’s finale. So, that’s my thoughts on this episode. See you again when we discuss the explosive finale.

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