The Wicther – Review of Episode 8

Find out what I think of the explosive finale of The Witcher’s epic first season. This episode was full of magic and intrigue. It was really a great and elegant way to not only wrap up this season, but set up for season 2.

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Wow. This episode was just wow. The only reason episode 6 dethroned this episode as my favourite was because I was so sad that the season had ended and I simply couldn’t forgive this episode for that.

This episode centers mostly around Yennefer, which I loved. She’s such a phenomenal character and Anya Chalotra did such an amazing job this episode emoting Yen.

After Gearlt’s injury in the past episode, he is helped and nurtured back to health by a man who finds him on the street. I quite liked this character, but was also quite suspicious of him, because no one is ever that nice in a fantasy story (turns out, he was really just a nice person.) We also get to see Gearlt as a young boy and his tragic childhood. His mom is a mage also, what?!

My favourite part of this episode was the setup and execution the battle that took place. It was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. I loved seeing all the mages work together to stop and incoming threat. It was so invigorating.

Some characters really annoyed me, like Yen’s old mentor – I wished we got to see her fight – but she was a bit useless. Also, Fringilla was so evil this episode – I really don’t like her character.

The episode cliffhanger really killed me and I can’t wait for season 2! Why do we have to wait 2 years for it!!

Well, that wraps up my review of the Witcher series aka my favourite show of all time. From now on, it’s back to regular programming. I’m going back to reviews and tags! If you want to see more witcher stuff from me – check out my Instagram and Twitter!

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